Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sweet Potato Salad

One day shy of 2 1/2 years since my last posting.  Pathetic.  Especially since I come across and create some good recipes in the foods classes I teach.

Right now, I have 2 foods classes; Super Foods and Satisfying Salads.  When it works, I use the same recipes or ingredients for both classes just to make my life a little easier.  Yesterday, in Super Foods we made Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs.  Yummy.  I used the opportunity to cook extra sweet potatoes.

For my Satisfying Salads class, I make sure we have something from each of the food groups in our salad.  That includes a whole grain, vegetable(s), fruit, dairy and protein.  We did not have a recipe to work from today, so I don't have measurements to share, but the combination was really good.

pearled barley, cooked and cooled
cubed sweet potatoes - steamed, but not too soft, then rinsed with cool water and refrigerated (I leave the skin on for the extra goodness)
chopped celery
chopped red onion
dried cherries
goat cheese
chopped pecans

The dressing was simple - mayonnaise and a dijon mustard.

Very tasty.  Try it.